Educate the Whole Child with the Click of a Button

The Generation Wellness App provides a toolkit filled with simple mindful practices, brain-based teaching strategies, social/emotional learning activities and trauma-informed resources, designed to equip all students with the tools to thrive in school + life.






  • You believe in educating the whole child, but you can’t seem to find a variety of activities that bridge physical, mental, social and emotional health.
  • You see the effects of stress and trauma that students carry into the classroom daily, so you’re looking for tools to be proactive.
  • You feel stuck and not sure how to help students who continuously repeat the same ineffective behaviors.
  • You know research shows that when students feel seen, heard and valued, they learn more, but you’re not sure how to “teach connection”.
  • You’re a busy K-12 educator and don’t have the time to figure out how to consistently implement teaching life skills, so you’re looking for simple activities and a roadmap already created for the classroom, small groups and individual settings.
  • You feel like you’ve lost your teaching spark because you’re managing behavior all day long and you're yearning to reconnect with your students and get back to teaching.
  • You are taking that next step of commitment to PBIS, CASEL, WSCC or MTSS and want to build a solid foundation for that next chapter.
  • You cringe at the thought of teaching yet another canned-curriculum and value having freedom to choose what activities to teach based on the needs of your students, specific setting and your personality.
  • Everything is good, but you’re ready to experience a classroom that’s extraordinary where students and staff feel connected, happy and engaged.
  • You’re looking for a wholistic approach that begins with a morning announcement to start the day with success, optional brain breaks when needed, ending with reflection practices to close the day with intention.
  • You value innovation and get super excited about new activities, strategies and resources automatically delivered to your phone monthly.


When You Invest In The Generation Wellness App, You’ll Receive Instant Access To:

A complete toolkit for teaching the whole child, while developing the skills to thrive in school and in life.

50+ activity videos that make teaching these practices simple. Push play to teach the class or watch as a quick refresher before introducing concepts to students.

Accelerate student learning with Success Sheets that correlate with each module. You'll be equipped with Pre/Post Surveys, Icebreaker Prompts, Brain Basics, Happiness Habits, and more!

Enjoy a peaceful beginning or ending to the class period/school day with short audio relaxations designed for the classroom setting. Notice how students and staff feel more focused and calm.

Start the day with an inspirational morning message, reminding everyone of simple tips for a successful day.

Increase the energy level and fun with this 60+ song playlist. Begin and end the day with movement and play!

Reinforce self-regulation, focus, kindness, wellness, and various skills with these 10 digital downloads.

Start implementing immediately with 25 30-minute sample lesson plans. We do not believe in "one way" to teach these skills, but this provides an example, showing just how easy it is to implement in the classroom.

Start implementing immediately with an entire 6-week small group planned for you. We do not believe in "one way" to teach these skills, but this provides an example, showing just how easy it is to implement into small groups.

Move from school-wide wellness to community wellness with a Parent Night PowerPoint already created for your school. Students can teach their parents through these tools. Enjoy a night of connection, learning, and fun!


The Generation Wellness App offers a fresh and completely different approach created for today’s students and schools. Built for the modern educator who is ready to utilize research-based tools that build the foundation of wellness first, in order for students to learn and retain information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! The Generation Wellness App was created by a former teacher and school counselor who knows just how busy you are. Simplicity is the foundation of this app and you will be able to teach these tools with little to no prep-work.


It's time to get back to doing what you love- teaching and connecting with kids! Say goodbye to staying up late searching for SEL lesson plans and wellness practices and hello to a complete all-in-one solution that's aligned with CASEL standards.

While each person and school is different, the practices we teach are applicable to every educator in the world. We’ve taught these practices to schools in Italy, Dubai, China, and thousands of educators in the US. If you use the tools, you can expect real results.

Individual educators AND discounted pricing available for schools, districts and organizations.

Yes. You can access the app on two of you apple or android devices. Simply download the app from the App Store and log in using your account email. 

If you would like to cancel, you can do so at any time. There are no refunds for the initial payment, however you can cancel at any time to stop upcoming yearly maintenance fees.

For individual purchase:

Click the "GET THE APP" button and complete information on the checkout page.

Then, you will be sent to a page with instructions on how to download the app and begin using immediately!

For school, district or organization purchase:

Email [email protected] and we will discuss discounts for multiple users.


"Wow! This is like the Netflix of social/emotional learning! All of the resources I need in one location."

Renee Zenny
School Counselor


Enjoy the first app designed to make whole child education simple for busy educators. New member-only videos and new resources added every month!

  • Accessible - No extra tools needed, just press play to teach your class/group vital life skills including: self-regulation, focus, connection and tools to thrive in school and life
  • Affordable - Less than a weekly cup of coffee 
  • Community - Connect with educators around the world
  • Freedom - Not a canned curriculum; do what works for you (PK-College level)
  • Fun - Increase engagement with these fun brain-based strategies
  • Innovative - New videos + resources added every month
  • Simple - Designed for busy educators on the go
  • User-friendly - Easy to navigate and play/print activities straight from your phone
  • Variety - Many tools for various populations and teaching styles
  • Whenever, Wherever - No wifi needed when you download activities to your app 


Questions about the Generation Wellness App or trainings? Email us and we will respond within 48 hours.


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